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Now, here is the story as told by an American TV celebrity, a famous lady’s man who personally used this secret discovery to go from broke to a famous multi-millionaire in less than a year:

"I am writing this letter under an assumed name. If I told you who I was, you would instantly recognize me. I have a best selling book; I appear on television virtually every day, all around the world.

As a matter of fact, my TV shows are some of the most watched programs in television history. I have appeared on stage with the United State President Ronald Reagan, the Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev, General Norman Schwarzkopf, and many other wealthy, famous people. Today, I am a multi-millionaire and have an incredible lifestyle. This all came to me because of a 2300 years old well-guarded secret manuscript, which I’m going to reveal to you.

With this 2300 years old manuscript, I met the most beautiful, sexiest girl you could ever imagine. Actually, with this secret, the most beautiful models and actresses you’ve ever seen show up around me, and they all want to get to know me. It’s normal now, but it was very strange before I became famous. One of these women has been on the cover of playboy and penthouse magazine, multiple times, and we had an incredible relationship. We even appeared on the Howard stern show together (remember I am a well known celebrity!) I just wish I could let you know who I am it would blow your mind.

In the last six years, my businesses have generated over two billion dollars in sales worldwide. This all happened because of my knowledge of the 2300 years old manuscript. I’ve had the Rolls Royce, the Ferrari’s, my own private Lear jets: I’ve been invited to meet Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries around the world. I eat lunch with Governors.

I’ve appeared on national television programs and even in a full length Hollywood motion picture (if I mentioned the name, you would instantly know it). You’ve heard me on the Rush Limbaugh radio show, all because of the 2300 years old well-guarded secret. I remember being invited to appear with Mikhail Gorbachev and General Norman Schwarzkopf as well as one of the richest men in the world. When I accepted this speaking engagement, I actually traveled for 14 days with President Gorbachev and General Schwarzkopf.

While I was in the foreign country, I met one of the richest men in the world. We instantly hit it off, became friends and formed a business together. This man has over 80 luxury and exotic cars including Rolls Royce’s Mercedes, and Ferrari’s. You name it he’s got it. He’s got one of the largest yachts made, with a helicopter on it. He’s been featured on the TV series Baywatch, Playing Himself. He meets regularly with the wealthiest people in the world, as well as Presidents and Prime Ministers.

He had numerous celebrities on his yacht as his personal guest including, Ricky Martin, Tom Cruise, you name them. Everyone wants to be this guy’s friend. We were on the yacht, having lunch, and we decided to go into the hot tub (yes, he has a hot tub on the yacht). We were sitting in the hot tub talking and I got a phone call from Robert Kiyosaki, he’s the guy who wrote the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. He knew of this guy, but had never met him. He was actually quite impressed that we were business partners. Robert wanted to know if this rich elite had a secret, too. I told him I would try to find out and get back to him. I hung up the phone and while sitting in the hot tub; I asked my friend if he had a secret to his incredible success. I wanted to know how he got so lucky.

With a big smile, and a deep, wonderful belly laugh, he told me what it was. I smiled and laughed myself. He had just described the over 2300 years old well-guarded secret contained in the manuscript to me. Although my lawyer will not let me reveal my name, many of you have watched my late-night television talk show.

Today I live a lifestyle most people only dream about. I drive a U.S ,000 Mercedes and live in a magnificent US Million Mansion. I vacation a month at a time at the most spectacular and beautiful resorts in the world, ALL FIRST CLASS! I make more money in one week than most people make in a whole year. My lady and I experience a beautiful, romantic love relationship that gets better every day. I’m happy, I have peace of mind, and I feel totally in control in all situations. I live without fear. I’m well liked by everyone I meet and enjoy many close friendships. I’m in excellent physical shape and have more energy than I’ve had in 30 years. I have total freedom, I wake up when I want, do what I want, and live each day the way I choose. Today my life reads like a fairy tale.

I say these things not to brag but to let you realize one thing; 


You see, life wasn’t always this way for me several years ago I was struggling in every area of my life. I was living a miserable existence. I was 40 pounds overweight and had no energy. My marriage was on the verge of divorce. I was over US,000 in debt, with bills piling up everywhere and I couldn’t make ends meet. I drove a beat up old car and lived in a cramped one-bedroom apartment.

My life seemed out of control. I had no peace, no happiness, normal love and on money. Worst of all, I reached a dead-end in my carrier and saw no way out. I was in a rut and felt I would be there forever. Everything around me looked bleak.

Some of you may feel the same way right now. One day my whole life changed and yours can change too today, if you know what I know. “Every successful person throughout history knew what I know”. That’s why they were successful, rich, happy, healthy, and powerful. They consciously or unconsciously use this 2300 years old secret.

I stumble upon the secret some twenty years ago at the height of my nothingness, while I was playing a friendly game of poker in an attempt to escape from my terrible circumstances. At my table was an easy going, likable guy who was winning everything, his uncanny lucky streak was so obvious it seemed unbelievable. This must have been his lucky day I thought, because he just couldn’t lose.
Everyone was amazed at this guy.

As soon as I lost everything I had (which wasn’t very long), I nonchalantly asked him how he got so lucky. I didn’t really expect an answer, but he surprised me. He took me aside and said to me, “it’s not luck. Money, power and love are automatically drawn to me. What you saw today happens to me every day!” I couldn’t believe my ears and I told him so. He smiled and simple said, “Follow me for a couple of days and see for your self”. I did, and what I saw made me speechless and spell bound. Everyday he won thousands of dollars easily and effortlessly.

It looked like magic. Beautiful women would come up to him and start conversations. Everyone instantly liked him. He was like Clark Kent, quiet, unassuming, yet possessing almost super-human power. Three days later he sat me down and said, “Every successful person throughout history knew what I know. That’s why they were successful, rich, happy, healthy and powerful”.

What is this secret knowledge? I asked him, sitting there stunned and I couldn’t move. I was so surprise and itching to hear it. He said"; (TRUNCATED)


Although the above famous celebrity had more to tell, I interrupted here because right now you may be asking, “Why am I reading this, I expected to find a secret and complete contact information about the discoverer, can this be true? Is there a secret to ALL situations involving the transfer of power, money and love that ALL wealthy and successful people throughout history uses to achieve their ambitions, that I knew not of?” Well, IT IS TRUE and I will answer your questions!!!

You’ll find out, as I did, that this easy to apply knowledge complied into an 800-page book works powerfully than you could ever imagine possible! Everything about this 2300-year-old secret discovery is legal, honest and ethical. You benefit without any risk, fraud, collusion, cheating, dishonesty or hustling. Neither is it diabolic magic nor fetish charms. There are no special skills needed. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your background is or where you live.

You don’t need any money to get started in anything or any training or special education (as long as you can read the English language). All you need is a profession or skill, ambition and this special book! You’ll be applying the secret from the moment you receive the manuscript.


You see, the man that the famous celebrity met in Las Vegas U.S.A., is the one who discovered the manuscript written about 2300 years ago, he then translated it into English from the original Greek text. He used the knowledge acquired in the manuscript to become one of the youngest Senior Research Chemists for a renowned international cooperation.
During his stellar 12 years at the famous Brandy wine and chestnut run laboratories, he used the concepts he gained from the manuscript to advance major discoveries involving cars at General Motors, computers at IBM, fighter planes, space crafts, and missiles for the U.S. government, and progressive disease cures in medicine.

He also used this secret knowledge to become a world-class poker player, and he wrote the world’s best selling poker manual. Although people in powerful places believed he would win the Nobel Prize for the Discovery, he never was particularly interested in making his secret knowledge public at first. But when the reigning world champion of poker, two-time winner of the Binion’s Horseshoe world championship of poker in has Vegas offered him (the Scientist) US,000 cash for this exact same information that the champion himself uses everyday, he had to say yes.

And when the Fortune 500 Company offered him US,000 UP FRONT for the information, again he said yes. Of course most people throughout the world like you could never raise the US,000 needed to gain this knowledge.


The publisher agreed with me to make this powerful manuscript available to a very few selected people for the first time ever in Nigeria at an incredibly low price. Therefore, some limited number of people shall receive information about the discovery. And its to only those who receive this mail and place order within the next few weeks.

 All the information you need to change your entire life, plus: The secret ingredient that could make any man or woman fall in love with you, also to give you power and control over virtually ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANY WHERE! (However it shall be only over those, who are unaware of the book i.e who haven't read it).

I know you cannot afford to spend very much, so I arranged with the publisher, and the advertising people to pay all the carriage costs so you could definitely see the 2300-year-old secret manuscript. (see the amazing money back guarantee below). I’m making this offer now for a one-time only!

The mail that shall be sent to you would contain the full disclosure of what you’re reading here i.e. the concluding part of the famous celebrity’s story and seven other true stories that reveals everything. The stories are sworn testimony from wealthy and famous people who testified to the effectiveness of the manuscript and how they benefited from it.
Also contained in your copy is a transcript of an interview with the scientist who discovered the manuscript. The amount you’re paying for your copy is nothing compared with the benefits that you shall get from it. 
The disclosure information shall be sent to your email address. Within hours after receiving your package you shall be benefiting in every area of your life.

 WHY WAIT!!! With the simple, easy to apply techniques, you’ll be on virtual autopilot. Your new knowledge will make you a new person: powerful, in control, relaxed and confident with total happiness, peace of mind, more money and love than you’ve ever had in your entire life.

The process is so natural and automatic; no one will/can ever stop you from using the techniques. Everyone you meet subconsciously picks them up and good things will start happening. You’ll be able to do all these things and learn much more, here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn:
- Learn how to be more intelligent.

- Learn how to transfer all money, power and prestige from the uninformed (People who don’t know the secret), to you INSTANTLY.

- Learn how to win any lover in any situation or how to regain your ex-lover.

- Learn how to use this new knowledge to begin generating huge sums of money within hours AUTOMATICALLY WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.

- Learn where the profits are and where they are not in all games of chance, poker, bingo, blackjack, lotteries, casino games or any gambling situation. Not even casinos or professional cheaters will be able to beat you.

- Learn to easily beat any opponent in your life IN ANY SITUATION.

- Learn how to make your every relationship; spouse, lover, children, friends, co-workers etc. become better and more fulfilling in their carrier.

- Learn how to lose all the weight you want or eliminate any addictions; (food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.) easily and effortlessly virtually overnight!

- Learn how to make your new powers render all others helpless.

- Learn to control anyone, man or woman, anywhere GUILTLESSLY.

- Learn how to make everyone you meet want to be your friend.

- Learn how to be constantly and invisibly armed so that any person trying deception or cheating ploys against you instantly becomes powerless and at your mercy.

- Learn to see what others never see. Know why the average person on his own will fail. Save a friend or loved one. Learn to never fail!

- Learn how to use a cosmic force to rise past all roadblocks and failures that have kept you from becoming the person you have always dreamed of, the person you were meant to be!

In addition to all of the benefits you gain, the 2300 years old secret manuscript is the best insurance policy you could ever own. You’ll never be cheated or taken advantage of again in any business or personal relationship.

The secret power protects you and gives you the advantages needed so that you prosper even in challenging Situations. YOU’LL FEAR NO ONE! You will learn to do all these things and even more!! You don’t have to ask me how, because it makes perfect sense, for a manuscript that contains the two-thousand-year-old secrets to wealth, power, and love used exclusively by the rich, powerful and famous people worldwide. In such a manuscript will you expect to find the most evolved competitive advantages, shortcuts, and powers.

Those secret powers evolved for two thousand years. Of course, you might not understand them all, but you will absorb them through the manuscript. They are the timeless ancient powers preserved for all time in this manuscript.

You will believe those powers exist and pass into you within three days of receiving the manuscript. Like me, out of the blue, even after just glancing through the headings, very good things will start happening to you immediately.

- If you’re poor, you’ll stumble upon the opportunity of a lifetime and onto the path of wealth and riches. (The fact that you’re reading this now is a sign that opportunity does come, if only you recognize and seize the opportunity as it came.)

- If you’re single, you’ll meet and fall in love with the man or woman of your dreams.

- If you‘re sickly, you’ll suddenly make a turn toward health and vitality.

- If you’re meek and cowardly, you’ll suddenly become strong and fearless.

- If you’re depressed or unhappy this manuscript will be your Shangri-La.


Below is a small sampling of comments and sworn testimonies of people who got the opportunity, as you now have to be one of the very few people who shall receive the US,000 worth 2300-year-old discovery for ‘peanuts’. They know that the best things in life are “almost free”, if not free! They thankfully and joyfully sent in these unsolicited affidavits:

*The greatest mind-opening information ever! The rewards are limitless! J. X. Hong Kong,

*Pure power I am profiting in more ways than thought possible. Plus it’s so easy? I’ve never enjoyed life more! W. B. Paris, France.

*Within one hour after receiving my package, my ex-wife was back in my arms! The secret is unbelievable but works! Thanks will never be enough. We’ll never be the same again! A. S., NY. U.S.A

*I got the package and started going through the material within days I had over US,000 CASH! But even more importantly, all my emotional pain, hurts and diminishments from my past were gone! I would have paid 100 times the price for the value I now possess! N.O. Liverpool England

*I won US,000 in Las Vegas in one weekend. I can now control anyone, anything. Obviously, the purchase price has been returned to me. Literally, thousands of times! T.N. Texas, U.S.A

*First I lost 40bs weight in 4 weeks, without even trying to! Plus, my business almost doubled in this short time. I’m giving this manuscript to my son instead of sending him to college. I think it’s the most valuable work I’ve ever read and the best investment I’ve ever made! Z. P. Virginia U.S.A

*The package gave me the most guarded, never-before-seen-by-the-layman 2300-year-old secret to money/power/love gathering techniques and mystical power used by the rich and famous throughout history. The “ah ha!” experience took my breath away! Now, at last I’m one of them, the fortunate few! J.B. Georgia U.S.A

*One week after I got the package, the woman I’ve been trying to date for six months, to no avail, called and asked me out! On our second date she said she was over-whelmed and in love with me! I‘m dumbfounded at how powerful this secret manuscript is! T.L Ontario Canada.

*I already got a raise and promotion and not even applied most of the concepts. I never would have believed, until I read the secret massages, that so much could be going on of which I was unaware! D.M. California U.S.A.

*Ends years of looking. Complete source of information, like discovering the lost Dutchman’s mine, its applications are excitingly unlimited! D.C, Johannesburg, South Africa.

These testimonies are from real people like you, their testimony was not made up to impress you, and it’s the truth of how their lives changed after they acquired this same manuscript that I’m offering you now.

There are tonnes of testimonies with the publishers that you can read and follow-up for more proof. But first, I have a very important potentially life-changing question to ask you. Do you want to own this manuscript? If you didn’t say yes, perhaps you didn’t understand the question. I want you to really understand how real and legitimate this is.

This is no Scam; everything you’re reading here is true. It seemed unbelievable to me too at first. I know it sounds too good to be true, but believe me it’s true. I am not some invisible man hiding behind a mail order company, trying to rip you off and take your money.
I am benefiting in more ways with this manuscript than I can tell you here. I am more proud of who I am now, so duping or swindling you could get me into big trouble that I need not get into. (See the unbelievable money back guarantee below).

But I also know in my heart that this manuscript will work for you too, even if it works to at least one-tenth of how it worked for me and others; you will be much more better off in every area of your life than you’ve ever imargined possible in the next few weeks. It depends on when you act. ACT NOW!!!

Furthermore, this is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. It’s never been done before at the price and may never be done again. (The publisher thinks I am crazy because he knows over a million people from other countries have paid over five hundred dollars for this priceless information).

We are making this offer now for a limited-time only. If you do not place order for your special mail disclosure before the time lapses or the predetermined slots are filled up! I reserve the right to return your money with no apologies because you’ve let such an opportunity pass you bye and prosperity will never forgive you! I urge you, you owe it to yourself, you owe it to your family, and you owe it to all the people that shall benefit from your success! Don’t wait another minute.

Pay N1000 only as your full disclosure fee today (see instruction on payment at the Mode of Payment Page) and let me send you the special message containing all you need to know, to be a new person with this book. This offer is unheard of for the ancient manuscript that guarantees that good health, money, power, control and romantic-love to be attracted to you instantly, automatically, more and more every single hour.

Nothing in the whole of human history can make such a breath-taking claim except the discovered manuscript that you will receive. Thus, the time limited low price will not be repeated neither will the opportunity. Don’t rationalize and delay, order yours TODAY!!!

I know beyond every reasonable doubt that this ancient manuscript once you receive it and read it your life will change forever. I hope that I will meet you personally someday, and we’ll enjoy life together on the beaches of the world! 
Jeff Hanson,
The Publisher


Since 1968, the publisher has been giving a 90 days (3 month) full money back Guarantee to people who order the manuscript containing the most guarded secret of all time. If within 90 days after you receive your package all these marvelous things acclaimed herein does not happen to you simply return the package for your money back, no questions will be asked ever!

The proof of your payment to us is all you need to reclaim your money! This is an amazing money back guarantee for a printed document. Remember, everything about this ancient secret is legal, honest and ethical. You benefit without any risk, fraud, collusion, hustling, dishonesty or cheating.

Therefore, neither can you afford to be dishonest or try to cheat the publisher by not ordering your own personal copy, but instead waiting for a friend to order and thereby share the copy with him. It won’t work that way, in as much as we all have different fingerprints, so much too, this ancient secret can be very personal and dear to its owner.

You might benefit from the tremendous fortunes and success of your friend as a result of this manuscript, but how can you be so sure he’ll share this secret knowledge with you once acquired? This is not the time for guesswork.

The publisher, however, knows that your friend can’t reveal it because it shall be to his loss. So if you happen to be reading this offer from a friend, be sure to order a personal copy.

Bear your own name! Bear your own fame! Be as unique as you! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!!